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Rexdale Soccer Club Competitive Rep Team Programs

Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Welcome to Rexdale Rebels Soccer Club’s Competitive Rep Team Programs! Designed to elevate the soccer skills of boys and girls born between 2011 and 2006 in Rexdale and Etobicoke. Our high-performance training and competition propel players forward. We develop teamwork and leadership abilities for passionate young soccer players.

We offer various competitive team programs for boys and girls passionate about soccer in Rexdale and Etobicoke. Join one of our teams and shine on the field. Connect with us on Instagram at RexdaleSoccerClub, @RexdaleRebelsBoys08, and @unitedfc_elistor for updates on news, events, games, and training sessions.

Elevate soccer skills with Rexdale Soccer Club’s Competitive Rep Team Programs. Join us to enhance your game!

Rexdale Soccer Club Competitive Rep Team Programs – Elevate Your Skills to the Next Level

Boys Teams

Age Team
U12 United FC Phantoms 2010
U13 United FC Phantoms 2009
U15 Rexdale Rebels 2008
U16 Rexdale United FC Phantoms 2007
U16 United FC Phantoms 06

Girls Teams

Age Team
U16 United FC Impact

We are excited to help you advance your soccer skills. To learn more about our programs or join our competitive rep team, please get in touch with us.

📣 Join Us in Supporting Our Talented Rexdale Rebels Teams at the Ontario Cup! 🏆

We are thrilled to announce that our Rexdale Rebels competitive teams have qualified for the prestigious Ontario Cup! This is an incredible opportunity for our local athletes to demonstrate their skills and compete against top teams in the region. We invite you to join us in cheering on our amazing teams and showing them our unwavering support.

Let us create an electric atmosphere as our community comes together to uplift our athletes with our cheers and applause! Witness the dedication and teamwork of our talented players as they take the field and showcase their passion for the game.

Here are the details:

Boys Under 14 – Rexdale United FC Phantoms

Boys Under 17 – Rexdale United FC Impact

Girls Under 16 – Rexdale United FC Impact

Boys Under 15 – Rexdale Rebels

Boys Under 17 – Rexdale United FC Phantoms

Go, Rexdale Rebels! Let us bring home the Ontario Cup!