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Respect The Referee

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Decisions of the Referee:

The referee has the most difficult job in soccer but it is also the most important! 

The referee's decision is final and not subject to debate! This principle must be accepted and adhered to by players, coaches, and spectators during all games. 
Any form of verbal harassment, intimidation, or physical threat towards the referee will not be tolerated by the Rexdale Soccer Club. 
The referee has the right to abandon the game if he/she is not comfortable with a situation they are faced with. Any games abandoned by the referee will be reported to the Club and there may be further disciplinary action or fines levied. 

For all of the powers and duties of the referee, please review the FIFA Laws of the Game document.

Disciplinary Reports:

Caution Summary Report

Dismissal Summary Report

Special Incident Report


Referee Code Of Conduct

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Referees Code of Conduct as published by the OSA

To ensure a safe environment for all soccer participants, referees have been given special responsibilities and are therefore expected to act with professionalism and courtesy at all times. There is an OSA Board approved “Code of Conduct” for Ontario Referees as follows:

Game officials having certain privileges through and by The Association, with respect to the game, shall realize and respect their responsibilities and duties to The Association and the game. The Association endorses the Canadian Soccer Association’s “Code of Ethics” for Game Officials.

Game Officials shall:
• Conduct themselves with dignity both on and off the field of play and shall, by example, endeavour to inspire the true principles of fair play and earn the respect of those whom they serve.
• Not cause The Association to become involved in any controversial matters and shall abide by the rules and regulations of the jurisdiction in which they officiate.
• Adhere to all standards and directives.
• Always be neat in appearance and maintain a high level of physical and mental fitness.
• Study the Laws of the game and be aware of all changes, and shall enforce all said Laws and changes.

Not publicly criticize other officials or any soccer association nor shall they make any statements to the media related to any game in which they were involved and be subject to disciplinary action for not complying with this Code of Conduct.

Referee Courses

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The Toronto Soccer Association will be providing Entry Level Referee Courses.

Please visit the following link for further information:

You must successfully complete the course before you will be eligible to referee.

For any further referee queries, please contact us at (416) 745-1078.

FIFA Fair Play Code

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FIFA Fair Play Code

The FIFA Fair Play Code for football encapsulates all of the sporting, moral and ethical principles for which FIFA has always stood and for which it will continue to fight in the future, regardless of the influences and pressures that may be brought to bear.
The ten golden rules not only serve as a credo for FIFA as world football’s governing body, but they also reinforce the sense of fraternity and cooperation among the members of the worldwide football family.

Play fair
Winning is without value if victory has been achieved unfairly or dishonestly. Cheating is easy, but brings no pleasure. Playing fair requires courage and character. It is also more satisfying. Fair play always has its reward, even when the game is lost. Playing fair earns respect, while cheating only brings shame. Remember: it is only a game, and games are pointless unless played fairly.

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