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Fair Play

04 Jun 2018 Written by

Playing with the Rexdale Rebels S.C., you will find a fun and friendly environment as we stress on the importance of many things such as:


1. Play by the RULES.
2. Co-operate with your teammates and opponents for without them you don’t have a game. Shake hands before and after the game.
3. Cheer all good plays – both your teams and your opponents.
4. Remember – coaches and officials are there to help you; please co-operate with them.
5. Winning is only part of the game – having fun, improving your skills, making friends and doing your best are also important.
6. Control your temper; fighting and mouthing off spoils the game for everyone.
7. Work equally hard for yourself and the team. Your team’s performance will improve, and so will your own!
8. Play for own enjoyment – not just to please coaches or fans.

1. Actions speak louder than words – let's make sure our behaviour sets a good example for fair play.
2. Encourage children to play by the rules and the fair play code.
3. Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing. Remember, children are playing for their enjoyment.
4. Turn defeat into victory by enforcing the value of honest effort, skill and fair play.
5. As spectators, applaud all good plays for both your team and the opposing team.
6. Show your appreciation for your coaches and league officials.
7. Support all efforts to remove violence from children’s sports.


1 T3- Uruguay 6 5 1 0 +17 16
2 T5- Argentina 6 3 2 1 +12 11
2 T2- Chile 6 3 1 2 +6 10
4 T1- Germany 6 2 2 2 -1 8
5 T4- Nigeria  6 1 1 4 -17 4
6 T6- France 6 0 1 5 -17 1

MP= Matches Played     W= Wins    D= Draws    L= Losses     GD= Goal Difference    PTS= Points 


1 T1- Brazil 6 6 +25  18 
2 T2- Sweden 6 3 1 2 +2 10
3 T3- Croatia 6 1 1 4 -14 4
4 T4- Wales 1 -13

MP= Matches Played     W= Wins    D= Draws    L= Losses     GD= Goal Difference    PTS= Points 


1 T2- Senegal 6 5 1 0 +18 16
2 T4- Iceland 6 2 2 2 +4 8
3 T3- Colombia 6 1 3 2 0 6
4 T1- Portugal 6 0 2 4 -21 2

MP= Matches Played     W= Wins    D= Draws    L= Losses     GD= Goal Difference    PTS= Points 


1 T4- Mexico 6 3 2 1 +5 11
2 T2- Spain 6 2 2 2 +4 8
3 T1- Belgium 6 2 1 2 +1 7
4 T3- England 6 2 0 4 -6 6

MP= Matches Played     W= Wins    D= Draws    L= Losses     GD= Goal Difference    PTS= Points 


Division Schedules

20 May 2018 Written by






























The Trophy Case

08 Mar 2018 Written by

In 2016, the Rexdale Soccer Club introduced trophies for the House League Division Champions in the U12 Boys, U13 Girls, O14 Girls, U16 Boys, and O17 Co-Ed Divisions. 

U13 Girls Division U16 Boys Division O17 Co-Ed Division U12 Boys Division O14 Girls Division
Chris Chopite

Below are the House League Division Champions for 2016 & 2017:



U12 Boys   U13 Girls   O14 Girls   U16 Boys   O17 Co-Ed
JBS United   Cellular World   X5 Graphics   Nothers   BVC
R. Twum-Antwi
S. Osbourne
M. Brown
C. Kristevski
R. Abraham   B. Alleyne   K. Brown   I. Aksu   A. Bains
K. Badesha   R. Bacchus   T. Brown   B. Benny   A. Basi
D. Basra   D. Bhakraj   A. Cabezas   S. Brar   S. Basi
A. Dhah   H. Lee   S. Cassie   G. Dhaunkal   S. Basi
I. Gujjar   K. Lotay   S. Clarke   M. Hashimi   C. Branco
A. Jagsarran   H. Nijjar   S. Dhah   G. Kang   A. Di Pede
M. Maqbool   H. Poonia   B. Fernando Sewell   L. Kristevski   M. Flora
S. Naseer   S. Prasher   N. Garce   N. Mohamed   P. Flora
S. Patel   A. Supersad   A. Khaira   R. Moraldo   D. Oppong
T. Reid   S. Thandi   B. Sewell   N. Patel   J. Rai
N. Richards   M. Winn   A. Sohal   J. Philip   E. Sandhu
A. Sahota           S. Prasher   D. Singh
J. Samuel           M. Rahman   P. Virk
N. Shakssy           G. Randhawa    
J. Smits           S. Saha    
J. Soriano           N. Shakssy    
J. Sultan           K. Singh    
J. Twum-Antwi           J. Somal    


U13 Boys   U13 Girls   O14 Boys   O14 Girls   O18 Co-Ed
Newediuk Funeral Home
  X5 Graphics   Country Style   Country Style  
Homeland Moving Storage
H. Budwal
M. Brown
K. Benaini &
N. Hasbun
R. Petrucci &
R. Iampieri
R. Bhela   R. Bacchus   R. Ahlawat   I. Grewal   C. Branco
J. Boochoon   A. Bhullar   S. Bathla   A. Hansra   R. Carranza
A. Crosta   K. Brown   O. Benaini   E. Hedderson   A. Khanal
A. Duble   T. Brown   T. Chattha   E. Hodgson   C. Moraldo
U. Garnett   S. Cassie   G. Dhaunkal   N. Hosein   J. Moraldo
I. Hansra   S. Clarke   A. Di Pede   E. Iampieri   A. Moreno
M. Hashimi   J. Dhir   H. Duhra   S. Iampieri   M. Moreno
K. Jatto   N. Henry   J. Jagsarran   R. Klair   T. Oei
A. Khanday   E. McMurray   G. Kang   F. Modeste   K. Sandhu
A. Khanday   K. McMurray   L. MacKichan   S. Paparo   R. Sharma
V. Klair   O. Osagie   O. Olaitan   M. Petrucci   P. Virk
J. Oduro   M. Somal   D. Oppong   A. Ramirez    
J. Osatohangbon       G. Rayat   A. Sahota    
K. Phillips       P. Sandhu        
K. Rafael       S. Shabani        
N. Richards-Dick       A. Vasquez Goldsworthy        
S. Sheraz                


Adult Co-Ed Division

11 Feb 2018 Written by

The Rexdale Soccer Club is excited and delighted for another summer of our Adult Co-Ed Division and we highly encourage you to register and play with us this year!

The Adult Co-Ed Division was created for the very first time in the summer of 2016 and we have enjoyed two very successful years of fun and competitive soccer action.

If you are 17 years of age or older and looking for a fun way to stay healthy this year, this is definitely the summer activity for you!

Playing Details:

  • Friday evening games (6:45PM-8PM) 
  • Games will be played at Humberline Fields 
  • The season will run from late May to late August
  • There will be no practices

Registration Details: 

  • Register ONLINE or in the office

Included in Registration:

  • Uniform: 2 tops, 1 pair of shorts & 1 pair of socks
  • Medal

Available Discounts:

  • Coaching discount
  • Cleats Program (bring in one or more used soccer cleats for a $10 discount)

We hope you can join us for what promises to be another exciting summer of soccer!

Accessibility Policies for Rexdale Soccer Club

Rexdale Soccer Club is committed to improving accessibility. We will put the following policies into practice as required by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

Rexdale Soccer Club is committed to training staff on Ontario’s accessibility laws and on accessibility aspects of the Human Rights Code that apply to persons with disabilities. Training will be provided in a way that best suits the duties of employees, volunteers and other staff members.

Information and communications

Rexdale Soccer Club is committed to meeting the communication needs of people with disabilities. When asked, we will provide information and communications materials in accessible formats or with communication supports. This includes publicly available information about our goods, services and facilities, as well as publicly available emergency information.

Rexdale Soccer Club will consult with people with disabilities to determine their information and communication needs.


Rexdale Soccer Club will notify the public and staff that, when requested, we will accommodate disabilities during recruitment and assessment processes and when people are hired. If needed, we will provide customized workplace emergency information to employees who have a disability. If using performance management, career development and redeployment processes, we will take into account the accessibility needs of employees with disabilities

Design of Public Spaces

Rexdale Soccer Club will meet the Accessibility Standards for the Design of Public Spaces when building or making major modifications to public spaces. Public spaces include:

  • Recreational trails/beach access routes
  • Accessible off street parking
  • Service-related elements like service counters, fixed queuing lines and waiting areas

Modifications to this or other policies

Any of our policies that do not respect and promote the dignity and independence of people with disabilities will be modified or removed.

Media Policy

09 Feb 2018 Written by

Please be aware that as per City of Toronto by-law, videos and/or photos cannot be taken on the field involving other children.

You are only permitted to take an individual photo of your child at the designated fields.

We have been informed by the respective authorities to make this public announcement.

Thank you for your support.

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