BY-LAWS, Rules & Regulations


The Rexdale Soccer League Inc (hereafter referred to as the RSL) will provide its members with the opportunity to participate in the following soccer activities:

a) Recreational Leagues (House Leagues);
b) District and Inter-district leagues;
c) Cup Competitions; and
d) Invitational Tournaments, including tournaments organized by the Rexdale Soccer League Inc

All competitions under the jurisdiction of the RSL and partaken in by teams of the RSL must be sanctioned and in accordance with the rules and regulations of parent soccer organizations, such as the respective national, provincial and district soccer associations and all special conditions as outlined under the rules and regulations of the RSL.


Alcohol or illegal substances are NOT permitted on or near the playing fields at anytime.

A. Players and Attendance

  • All players must be duly registered with the RSL and have paid the full registration fee to the league.  The paid fee is not refundable, unless otherwise a refund is approved by the RSL Executive Council.  Any player who has not paid their full registration fee and provided all required documents to the RSL cannot partake in any league soccer activity or received registration entitlements until the full fee is paid and all required documents are submitted.
  • All players must have their identification cards available at all times.  Referees and coaches may request players to verify their eligibility at which time the player must display his/her card.  Failure to produce the card may result in the player not playing the game.
  • All players must wear their shin pads at practices and games or they cannot participate.
  • Players must provide their own footwear – standard running shoes or soccer boots.  No steel/metal cleats are permitted.
  • Each registered player will receive a uniform prior to the start of regular season games.  All players must be in full uniform for games.
  • Players may only wear equipment approved by the RSL.  A player will not be permitted to wear any objects (rings, earrings, watches etc.) that could endanger other players on the field of play.  Eyeglasses should be worn with a strap.
  • Any player missing a practice without notifying the coach must be reported to the Division Convenor and cannot play for 1 half of the next League game.
  • If any player misses any combination of three consecutive practices and games of their team without properly notifying the coach, his/her name shall be given to the Division Convenor and he/she will be ineligible to play in the next League game of their team.  Players may not play again until he/she is reinstated by the League and the Division Convenor.

B Recreational League (House League)

i) The RSL will operate house league teams for boys and girls when registration numbers permit at least 4 teams per age division, in each of the following (with possible sub-divisions as noted when numbers permit):

U4 - Micro Mini

U5 – Micro Mini
U6 – Major Mini

U7 - Squirt Minor

U8 – Squirt Major

U10: Atom

  • U9 – Minor Atom
  • U10 – Major Atom

U12: Bantam

  • U11 – Minor Bantam
  • U12 – Major Bantam

U14: Mosquito

  • U13 – Minor Mosquito
  • U14 – Major Mosquito

U16: Pee-Wee

  • U15 – Minor Pee-Wee
  • U16 – Major Pee-Wee

U18: Senior

  • U17 - Senior Minor
  • U18 - Senior Major

ii) The RSL will follow OSA age requirements for each division

iii) A season shall consist of practices and games and a House League Cup tournament. In addition, if possible, players may be eligible to participate in select tournaments.

iv) Balancing of teams shall be conducted at the League’s discretion.  The RSL has sole discretion to determine the division and team in which the applicant shall play.

v) Players can only be moved off or onto teams (house league to competitive team, or vice versa) by proper transfer and trial permit procedures.  No player shall register and play for two RSL teams, unless it is within the written permission of the RSL Executive Council.

C) Recreational League (House League) Teams

Each recreational team shall consist of at least:

  • Mini Soccer:  Minimum (11 players) Maximum (14 players)
  • Regular Soccer: Minimum (15 players) Maximum (18 players)

The RSL has sole discretion to determine the division and team in which the applicant will play.  The League shall organize the selection of teams in accordance with the following criteria:
An equal number of players per team (with no more than 1 player more or less depending on number of registrants).

If available, an evaluation of each player to an “A”, “B”, or “C” level according to playing ability.

Equal numbers of years of organized soccer playing experience.

Equal numbers of players by birth year and gender.

Parental requests to accommodate siblings, at the League’s discretion.

Assigning teams to coaches by secret ballot/draw.

Note: If a child of any approved team official is “selected” on a team other than that of their parents, a transfer will be staged for a player of equal ability based on the criteria above and the attributes of the players involved.

D) Schedule

A league schedule shall be operated in all recreational leagues involving at least one (1) practice and one (1) league game per week after the Victoria Day weekend in May, except for weeks involving a statutory holiday and a break at a prescribed period during the summer season, until the end of August.

E) “Equal Playing” Time and Substitutions/Injury

All recreational league players (boys and girls) are entitled to and must receive “equal playing time” during recreational league games.

Coaches failing to apply the “Equal Playing Time” rule will result in the following:

  • First Offence:  Automatic Game Forfeit (5-0) and One Game Suspension
  • Second Offence: Automatic Game Forfeit (7-0) and Three Game Suspensions
  • Third Offence: Automatic Forfeit (10-0) and Dismissed from Coaching

The above sanction may be applied only when a complaint is received from an appointed game official, an opposing coach or the Division Convenor.  Game sheets must be submitted with a written summary outlining the allegations.

Coaches failing to apply the “Equal Playing Time” rule also have the right to a hearing before the Grievance and Discipline Committee of the RSL.  Failure to attend the hearing, or waiving the right to attend the hearing, will lead to an automatic suspension as set out above.

The RSL Grievance and Disciplinary Committee retains the right to increase the suspensions listed above at their discretion.

All teams will make the equivalent of three substitutions per half.  All substitutes must go into the game, and an equal number of players must come off.  During games, all substitutions will take place at the center field line, and will be approved by the referee.  The only  exception to this will be in the case of an injury, when a substitution will be permitted by the referee.

If a player is injured during a practice or a game, all players are to sit down where they are, and coaches shall attend to the injured child.

F) Order at Practices and Games

League and team officials shall conduct themselves in a manner that properly exemplifies the aims and objectives of the Rexdale Soccer League at all games and practices of their teams.

Team officials of the 'Home Team' must provide the game sheet to the referee.  Failure to do so will result as follows:

  • First offence: Automatic Game Forfeit (5-0) and One Game Suspension
  • Second Offence: Automatic Game Forfeit (7-0) and Three Game Suspension
  • Third Offence: Automatic Game Forfeit (10-0) and Dismissed from Coaching

The team official shall be requested to attend a hearing in front of the Grievance and Disciplinary Committee for the above sanctions.

Team officials shall report all incidents involving their teams, players, parents/guardians and/or spectators to the Division Convener.

All players and League approved team officials will shake hands before and after any RSL games.

The players, League approved team officials and their respective spectators, parents/guardians, sponsors and fans of each team will be on opposing sides of the field.  It is the responsibility of the coaches to enforce this rule and that their supporters obey it.

No individual is permitted behind the end touchlines and goal lines.  Any coach, parent/guardian or spectator found doing so will be asked to leave the area immediately by the referee and the game will be stopped.  It is also the responsibility of coaches to enforce this rule and that their supporters to obey it.  The game will not be restarted until the individual(s) violating this rule leave the area.

G) Coaches on the field:

In the “Mini” Divisions (U5, U6, U7, U8), coaches may be on the field of play for the first 5 games only (including exhibition).

The coach must remain in his/her own half of the field and is not allowed to intervene in the play.  Any coach intervening in the play will be asked to leave the playing field by the referee, and a penalty shot will be awarded to the opposing team.

Coaches may not stand within the penalty area, and are not to be behind the goal during the course of the game.


A) Division Convenors

Each Division will have a Convenor approved by the RSL who shall oversee and supervise the activities of all coaches and players in the Division.

The Convenor is to reiterate League policy and emphasize to all participants that the primary purpose of Recreational Soccer is to provide enjoyment to all members.  While the desire to win is commendable, winning takes second place to the principle of sportsmanship, fair play, and a balanced league.

The Division Convenor shall, in co-operation with RSL Executive Council and the coaches of that division, undertake to:

  1. Assist with the distribution of uniforms, schedules and any material necessary to guarantee the successful operation of a division and its teams;
  2. Record the game results, keep the league standing and assist with the supervision of the House League Cup competition;
  3. Reschedule canceled games after consulting with the RSL Executive and the Director, Referees;
  4. Collect game sheets and check players’ eligibility.

Within his/her Division, the Division Convenor shall handle incidents such as:

  1. Player movement between teams in his division and competitive teams;
  2. In consultation with the RSL Executive Council and division coaches, selection of player for select competitive teams;
  3. Those that involve players, teams officials, parents/guardians and all other incidents that endanger the successful operation of the division.

If a convenor is unable to resolve any incidents, he/shall report it in writing to the Vice-President in order that the Executive Council and/or the Grievance and Disciplinary Committee may take the necessary actions.

B) Team Officials

There shall be no more than three team officials per team.

Team officials are responsible for the behaviour of their team at all times during a game, practice or other event sanctioned by the RSL.

Team officials shall conduct themselves in a manner that properly exemplifies the aims and objectives of the RSL at all games and practices of their teams.

No team is allowed to recruit players for their recreational league team.

Team officials will be responsible for ensuring that all players dressed for the game participate in accordance with the “Equal Playing” time rule.

Team officials will be provided with all materials necessary to operate their team by the RSL, such as:

  • Uniforms
  • Soccer balls
  • First aid kits
  • Game Sheets
  • League schedule etc.

Unless otherwise stated by the RSL, all such materials remain the property of the league and must be returned to the Division Convenor at the end of the season.

Team officials are not permitted to:

  1. Interfere with the duties of the referee and/or linesman in any way:
  2. Harassing game or division officials;
  3. Improper conduct toward their own players and/or opposing team players, officials, parents/guardians and/or spectators;

Exhibit unsportsmanlike conduct in any shape or form, on or off the playing field.

Any breech of the above shall be dealt with promptly by the referee in the form of a caution or ejection, and by the Grievance and Disciplinary Committee of the RSL.


A) Laws of the Game

All games shall be played under the jurisdiction of the RSL, adhering to the official FIFA laws of the game.Rules, regulations and special rules for recreational league games approved by the RSL shall also be in effect.
Game sheets must be completed for all games by coaches and given to the referee prior to the start of the game.  The referee will record all items related to that game, and return one copy each to the home team coach and the visiting team coach.  The home team coach will forward a copy to the Division Convenor, and all results must be sent to the RSL within 48 hours of the end of the game.

B) Match Duration, Ball Size and Cancellations

The duration of games in the different age groups (boys and girls) shall be as follows, in accordance with the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA):

 Age Group
 Duration of Match
 U5 Minor Mini 1 half = 30 Minutes
 U6 Major Mini 2 halves of 20 minutes each
 U8  Squirt 2 halves of 25 minutes each
U10  Atom  2 halves of 30 minutes each
 U12  Bantam  2 halves of 35 minutes each
 U14 Mosquito 2 halves of 40 minutes each
 U16  Pee Wee 2 halves of 45 minutes each


  • A match abandoned after the mid way point of the second half will be recorded as a complete match.
  • The home team must provide the match ball.  The size of the match ball for each age group (boys and girls) is a follows:
 Age Group
 Match Ball Size
 U5  Minor Mini  3
U6 Major Mini  3
U8  Squirt  4
 U10 Atom  4
 U12  Bantam  4
U14 Mosquito  5
 U16 Pee Wee  5


  • Every effort must be made to start matches promptly at the scheduled time, and no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of the match.  If a team has an insufficient number of players to start the match, the team has fifteen (15) minutes grace to assemble the minimum required number of players.
  • The minimum number of required players to start the match is five (5) for mini, and seven (7) for "11 a side soccer"
  • If after the fifteen (15) minutes grace period a team is unable to field the minimum required number of players, the game will defaulted and the result will be recorded as a 2-nil decision for the opposing team.  If both teams fail to assemble the required minimum number of players then the game will be recorded as a double default and no points or goals will be awarded.


Basic soccer rules apply (i.e. for throw-ins, corner kicks, etc...) apply to "mini" soccer.  However there are some special rules that apply exclusively to to "mini" soccer played by children in the "mini" soccer divisions (U5, U6, U7 and U8) of the RSL.

  1. The OFFSIDE rule does not apply
  2. Goal Kick: The ball is considered frozen immediately when the Referee in his/her discretion considers that it is in the possession of the goalkeeper.  Steps or the "6 second rule" will not be called on the goalkeeper, who may put the ball into play within the penalty area by either kicking, punting or throwing the ball including the re-start of play from a goal kick.
  3. The goalkeeper cannot handle the ball outside of the penalty area.
  4. Only the goalkeeper is to restart play from a goal kick or otherwise within the penalty area. Goal kicks may be taken from any point within the penalty area.  On taking a goal kick, no opponent is to be within 10-yards of the penalty area.
  5. Penalty Kicks: A penalty kick is to be taken from a spot 8-yards directly in front of the mid way point of the goal
  6. Free Kicks: All free kicks are direct free kicks (a goal may be scored directly from the kick).  All opposing players must remain a distance of 10-yards from the spot from where the kick is to be taken.
  7. Scoring: In the "Minor Mini" (U5) Division, no goal may be scored from a kick taken within the 4-yard area. In the "Major Mini" (U6) Division, no goal may be scored from a kick taken with the 6 yard area.    Note: In the U5 and U6 divisions, a goal to be allowed must be taken from a shot outside of the penalty area.  If it goes off an attacker in the goal area, the goal will not count.  If it goes off a defender, the goal will count. In the Squirt (U7 and U8 Divisions) a goal may be scored from any where in the penalty area.
  8. No body contact between players of any kind is permitted.


  • The RSL shall provide for an equal number of games for each team.
  • There are no House League standings in the "Mini" (U5, U6, and U7) age groups.
  • For other age divisions, the Division Champion in the regular season will be the team with the that has accumulated the greatest number of points based on the formula of three (3) points for a win and one (1) point for a draw out of all of the games provided for in the regular season.
  • A play-off format will be held after the completion of the regular season.  The format will be determined by the RSL Executive Council prior to the start of the season and cannot be changed until the following season.
  • All ties in the House League regular standings and play-off round robin standings will be decided by:
  1. Results from Head to Head
  2. Goal differential
  3. Goals scored
  4. Coin toss.
  • Ties in "winner advance" pre-final play off games or final games in the play offs will be decided in accordance with taking penalty kicks under the FIFA rules.


  • A League Cup competition shall be held each playing season.  All league cup matches shall be played according to a knockout system.  Only the winner shall advance to the next round.
  • Opponents for the first round of the league cup competition shall be drawn by secret ballot by the coaches, under supervision of a RSL Executive and the Division Convenor.  When there are an uneven number of teams in a division, the last ballot will name the team with a by in that round.
  • All subsequent rounds will be played in accordance with the prescribed predetermined schedule.
  • All matches shall be scheduled at a time of the day that will allow for the completion of a match including time for penalty kicks.
  • All matches must start on time as scheduled, unless otherwise determined by the RSL as tournament organizer.  A fifteen (15) minute grace period will not be allowed.
  • League Cup finals shall be held on one day, and, if possible, will be supplied with full team of officials (referees and two assistant referees for the finals).
  • For the League Cup only, the duration of the matches will be as follows:
 Age Group
 Duration of League Cup Match
 U5 Minor Mini 2 halves of 20 minutes each
U6  Major Mini  2 halves of 20 minutes each
 U8 Squirt 2 halves of 20 minutes each
 U10 Atom 2 halves of 25 minutes each
 U12 Bantam  2 halves of 25 minutes each
U14 Mosquito  2 halves of 30 minutes each
 U16 Pee Wee  2 halves of 30 minutes each


  • Unlimited substitution will be permitted on any stoppage.  Coaches must advise the referee whenever they wish to to make a substitution.
  • Winners shall advance to the next round.  There can be no tied matches.  If a match is tied after regulation play, a penalty kick shoot-out will be held in accordance with FIFA rules.  Each team will select five (5) shooters from players on the field at the end of the match, who will alternate taking shots.  A coin toss will determine who will take the first penalty kick; winner of the coin toss may elect to go first or last.  If the game remains tied after the shoot-out, teams will alternate one (1) shooter each from the remaining players on the team until there is a winner.


  • Protests must be received in writing by the League Secretary, post-marked to the league, no later than 48 hours (not including weekends or statutory holidays) of the completion of the match.
  • The protest must be accompanied by a protest fee of $100 in the form of a cheque or money order payable to the Rexdale Soccer League.
  • The written protest must contain all particulars leading to the protest as well as the names of the referee and opposing team officials.
  • Protests will be heard at the next scheduled meeting of the Grievance and Disciplinary Committee.  In the event that a decision is required prior to the next Executive meeting, the protest will be heard by a committee of three, appointed by the Chairman of the Grievance and Disciplinary Committee.
  • The protest fee will be refunded if the protest is upheld.
  • No protest will be entertained on a referee's decisions in any RSL sanctioned match.


  • The RSL Executive Council shall determine annually the number and age group of development "select" or "all-star" teams to supplement the approved competitive team program.
  • The RSL Executive Council, in consultation with the Director, Coaching, will select from amongst the House League coaches a coach for an approved development team.
  • All House League coaches are required to recommend their best players for consideration for a "select" team.
  • House League games and practices take precedence over "select" team activities.  Any player neglecting their house league responsibilities will be suspended from participating in "select" team activities.
  • The RSL Executive Council will establish the financial obligation of players participating on a developmental team.  Additional costs will be related to the cost of uniforms and the entry fee of the team tournament, and any other additional costs as required in order to statisfy the registration requirements of the District Association.
  • Where field lines are not marked for home games, the competitive teams are required to line their own fields.
  • Approved competitive teams outside the House League will abide by all rules outlined in the Competitve Team Program Rules.
  • Competitive, all-star and select teams musta have a minimum of one (1) head coach and one (1) team manager, up to a maximum of three (3) team officials.
  • All player books must be in the possession of the team officials, and are required to be available for inspection at all competitive, all-star and select games.