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Fair Play Featured

04 Jun 2018
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Playing with the Rexdale Rebels S.C., you will find a fun and friendly environment as we stress on the importance of many things such as:


1. Play by the RULES.
2. Co-operate with your teammates and opponents for without them you don’t have a game. Shake hands before and after the game.
3. Cheer all good plays – both your teams and your opponents.
4. Remember – coaches and officials are there to help you; please co-operate with them.
5. Winning is only part of the game – having fun, improving your skills, making friends and doing your best are also important.
6. Control your temper; fighting and mouthing off spoils the game for everyone.
7. Work equally hard for yourself and the team. Your team’s performance will improve, and so will your own!
8. Play for own enjoyment – not just to please coaches or fans.

1. Actions speak louder than words – let's make sure our behaviour sets a good example for fair play.
2. Encourage children to play by the rules and the fair play code.
3. Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing. Remember, children are playing for their enjoyment.
4. Turn defeat into victory by enforcing the value of honest effort, skill and fair play.
5. As spectators, applaud all good plays for both your team and the opposing team.
6. Show your appreciation for your coaches and league officials.
7. Support all efforts to remove violence from children’s sports.

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