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Rexdale Soccer

Rexdale Soccer

The 2018/2019 Indoor Soccer Season will take place every Saturday on the following dates:

Session 1 (October - December 2018):

October - 13, 20, 27
November - 3, 10, 17, 24
December - 1, 8, 15

Session 2 (January - April 2019):

January - 12, 19, 26
February - 2, 9, 16, 23
March - 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
April - 6, 13, 20, 27


For all general inquiries, please call the League Office at (416) 745-1078 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To stay up to date on all league events and important dates, check the website frequently and follow us on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RexdaleSoccerClub/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RexdaleSoccer

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rexdalesoccerclub/

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+RexdaleSoccerClub

Playing with the Rexdale Rebels S.C., you will find a fun and friendly environment as we stress on the importance of many things such as:


1. Play by the RULES.
2. Co-operate with your teammates and opponents for without them you don’t have a game. Shake hands before and after the game.
3. Cheer all good plays – both your teams and your opponents.
4. Remember – coaches and officials are there to help you; please co-operate with them.
5. Winning is only part of the game – having fun, improving your skills, making friends and doing your best are also important.
6. Control your temper; fighting and mouthing off spoils the game for everyone.
7. Work equally hard for yourself and the team. Your team’s performance will improve, and so will your own!
8. Play for own enjoyment – not just to please coaches or fans.

1. Actions speak louder than words – let's make sure our behaviour sets a good example for fair play.
2. Encourage children to play by the rules and the fair play code.
3. Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing. Remember, children are playing for their enjoyment.
4. Turn defeat into victory by enforcing the value of honest effort, skill and fair play.
5. As spectators, applaud all good plays for both your team and the opposing team.
6. Show your appreciation for your coaches and league officials.
7. Support all efforts to remove violence from children’s sports.


REXDALE REBELS – 2007 Boys Rep  

Head Coach:
Joseph Stafrace
Assistant Coach: Johnny Djevdet

Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Our 2007 boys finished the 2017 outdoor season with an outstanding record of 14 wins and 2 losses.  Having shown determination and technical prowess all season, the hard work that these boys have put into each and every practice all year has paid off with dominating performances from all players each week. These aspiring athletes look forward to continuing their success in the upcoming Woodbridge Classic Festival.

Season MVPs – Jaydan Djevdet (Striker) for scoring 25 goals, and D’andre Sampedro-Bryan (Defender) for giving outstanding defensive performances each week. Way to go boys!


We would like to congratulate our players on an undefeated weekend in Woodbridge during the 2017 Woodbridge Classic! Our players once again showed dominant performances all weekend and worked hard to continue their success following the outdoor season. Our boys are confident that their success this summer will continue through the upcoming Futsal season!

Tournament MVPs – Jonathan Chelleri (Midfield) for being the hardest working player throughout the weekend, and Liandro Branco (Midfield) for scoring twice in his first two games for our team.


Coming from an outstanding summer season, our boys continue to strive and improve through the indoor futsal season.  Having overcome difficult opponents, we are proud to announce that our team has finished the Futsal season with 12 wins and 1 loss!  Our boys are excited to continue their winning habits throughout the 2018 Outdoor Season.

Season MVPs – Liandro Branco (Midfielder) for scoring over 30 goals! Yahya Hersi (Defender) for becoming the most improved player this season, putting on incredible defensive performances every week. An honourable mention to Diljeet Singh and Jayden Morris for showing outstanding Goalkeeping performances throughout the season as well.



With a few new additions to the team, our boys yet again displayed solid performances throughout the entire summer managing to finish the season with 10 wins and 2 losses. Our boys also managed to score 65 goals while conceding only 15. After fantastic results and rapid development, our boys are excited to continue their winning habits throughout the 2018/19 Indoor season, competing in the new GTISL indoor league as well as the PHDL futsal league.

Season MVPs – Jayden Morris (Midfielder) for scoring in almost every game! Ezequiel Echeverri-Sanchez (Goal-Keeper) for becoming the most improved player this season, putting on outstanding goal-keeping performances in his first season playing soccer. An honourable mention to our defenders D’Andre Sampedro-Bryan, Reave Bimal, Liandro Branco and Shaulaun Lloyd for displaying excellent defensive performances each week!


Our 2007 Boys will be competing at the following events this summer:

  • Toronto Soccer Association 2018 Outdoor Season
  • UID Karpaty Invitational Festival
  • 2018 Woodbridge Classic
  • The Robbie Tournament


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In 2016, the Rexdale Soccer Club introduced trophies for the House League Division Champions in the U12 Boys, U13 Girls, O14 Girls, U16 Boys, and O17 Co-Ed Divisions. 

U13 Girls Division U16 Boys Division O17 Co-Ed Division U12 Boys Division O14 Girls Division
Chris Chopite

Below are the House League Division Champions from the 2016-2018 seasons:



U12 Boys   U13 Girls   O14 Girls   U16 Boys   O17 Co-Ed
Germany   Sweden   Egypt & Morocco   Colombia   England
Coaches: Allan & Dr. Fashho   Coach: G. Ahuja   Coaches: M. Berardo & C. Flora   Coach: Mohammed    
J. Brar   M. Bhakraj   B. Alleyne   R. Abraham   R. Bahri
S. Budhai   J. Bhuttay   J. Basso   A. Arora   A. Basi
A. Dhesi   S. Joshi   L. Beckles   A. Bailey   S. Basi
A. Elises   S. Muredda   H. Bennett   J. D'Souza   A. Berardo
A. Fernandez   G. Patel   I. Berardo   N. Garcha   M. Berardo
J. Grewal   H. Sandhu   D. Bhakraj   J. Joseph   M. Dhah
A. Jagsarran   R. Thiara   T. Brown   M. Omotayo   S. Grewal
Y. Mahamoud   J. Winn   A. Chisty   K. Patel   P. Jauhal
R. Mavi   M. Winn   S. Flora   P. Patel   A. Mathew
N. Rajeswaran       T. Gayle   S. Patel   J. Nijjar
N. Shivrattan       S. Grewal   N. Richards   J. Rai
J. Surujdiyal       S. Harnett   J. Ruban   H. Saini
        K. Lotay   H. Sandhu   R. Sharma
        R. Mahal   K. Sharma   P. Singh
        J. Patel       B. Vandermeeren
        H. Poonia        
        S. Rajeswaran        
        A. Sahota        
        G. Summan        
        A. Supersad        
        N. Supersad        
        J. Tachie        


U12 Boys   U13 Girls   O14 Girls   U16 Boys   O17 Co-Ed
JBS United   Cellular World   X5 Graphics   Nothers   BVC
R. Twum-Antwi
S. Osbourne
M. Brown
C. Kristevski
R. Abraham   B. Alleyne   K. Brown   I. Aksu   A. Bains
K. Badesha   R. Bacchus   T. Brown   B. Benny   A. Basi
D. Basra   D. Bhakraj   A. Cabezas   S. Brar   S. Basi
A. Dhah   H. Lee   S. Cassie   G. Dhaunkal   S. Basi
I. Gujjar   K. Lotay   S. Clarke   M. Hashimi   C. Branco
A. Jagsarran   H. Nijjar   S. Dhah   G. Kang   A. Di Pede
M. Maqbool   H. Poonia   B. Fernando Sewell   L. Kristevski   M. Flora
S. Naseer   S. Prasher   N. Garce   N. Mohamed   P. Flora
S. Patel   A. Supersad   A. Khaira   R. Moraldo   D. Oppong
T. Reid   S. Thandi   B. Sewell   N. Patel   J. Rai
N. Richards   M. Winn   A. Sohal   J. Philip   E. Sandhu
A. Sahota           S. Prasher   D. Singh
J. Samuel           M. Rahman   P. Virk
N. Shakssy           G. Randhawa    
J. Smits           S. Saha    
J. Soriano           N. Shakssy    
J. Sultan           K. Singh    
J. Twum-Antwi           J. Somal    


U13 Boys   U13 Girls   O14 Boys   O14 Girls   O18 Co-Ed
Newediuk Funeral Home
  X5 Graphics   Country Style   Country Style  
Homeland Moving Storage
H. Budwal
M. Brown
K. Benaini &
N. Hasbun
R. Petrucci &
R. Iampieri
R. Bhela   R. Bacchus   R. Ahlawat   I. Grewal   C. Branco
J. Boochoon   A. Bhullar   S. Bathla   A. Hansra   R. Carranza
A. Crosta   K. Brown   O. Benaini   E. Hedderson   A. Khanal
A. Duble   T. Brown   T. Chattha   E. Hodgson   C. Moraldo
U. Garnett   S. Cassie   G. Dhaunkal   N. Hosein   J. Moraldo
I. Hansra   S. Clarke   A. Di Pede   E. Iampieri   A. Moreno
M. Hashimi   J. Dhir   H. Duhra   S. Iampieri   M. Moreno
K. Jatto   N. Henry   J. Jagsarran   R. Klair   T. Oei
A. Khanday   E. McMurray   G. Kang   F. Modeste   K. Sandhu
A. Khanday   K. McMurray   L. MacKichan   S. Paparo   R. Sharma
V. Klair   O. Osagie   O. Olaitan   M. Petrucci   P. Virk
J. Oduro   M. Somal   D. Oppong   A. Ramirez    
J. Osatohangbon       G. Rayat   A. Sahota    
K. Phillips       P. Sandhu        
K. Rafael       S. Shabani        
N. Richards-Dick       A. Vasquez Goldsworthy        
S. Sheraz                


Harassment Policy Statement

Rexdale Soccer Club is committed to fostering a harassment-free environment where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.

The Canadian Human Rights Act protects individuals from harassment based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability or pardoned conviction.

Harassment at Rexdale Soccer Club is not tolerated. Those who are found to have harassed another individual may be subject to disciplinary action. This includes any individual who: interferes with the resolution of a harassment complaint; retaliates against an individual for filing a harassment complaint; or files an unfounded harassment complaint intended to cause harm.


This policy applies to all current members of Rexdale Soccer Club, including league executives, parents, coaches, players and game officials. This policy applies to all behaviour that is in some way connected to the league, including meetings, league events and tournaments.


Harassment is:

offending or humiliating someone physically or verbally;

threatening or intimidating someone; or

making unwelcome jokes or comments about someone’s race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability or pardoned conviction.

Responsibilities and Expectations

Rexdale Soccer Club is responsible for:

providing all employees a harassment-free workplace.

Rexdale Soccer Club is responsible for:

ensuring that this policy is applied in a timely, consistent and confidential manner;

determining whether or not allegations of harassment are substantiated; and

determining what corrective action is appropriate where a harassment complaint has been substantiated.

Rexdale Soccer Club is responsible for:

the administration of this policy;

reviewing this policy annually, or as required; and

making necessary adjustments to ensure that this policy meets the needs of the organization.

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