Competitive Team Programs


  • The Rexdale S.C. provides competitive programs for those athletes that would like to improve their skills by playing against top players from around the province. The competitive programs will provide players with the tools necessary to improve their skill and level of play.
  • Focus is on player development.

Playing Time

  • Individual playing time in the competitive program is not guaranteed.  It is responsibility of the player to demonstrate their commitment to the program through:
    • Timeliness when arriving to practice.
    • Teamwork and cooperation.
    • Arriving to matches in the club issued uniforms, and
    • Attending every practice.
    • Respect your coaches and opposition players, coaches and the referee(s).

Roles and Responsibilities of Coaches/Team Managers


  • The team coaching staff, which would consist of at a minimum of one head coach and one team manager, are responsible for ensuring that:
    • Players arrive to matches wearing club issued uniforms.
    • Team staff must be wearing club gear when present on the sidelines during the match.
    • Arrive to practices/matches before the players and leave only after every player has left.
    • Provide positive encouragement on and off the field to the team.
    • Ensure every player shakes hands with the opposing team at the conclusion of the match.